DIY Deep Conditioner/Treatment to Protect Your Hair Through The Winter



1.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Mayonaise

3. 1 Egg

4. A dash of Cinnamon

5. Honey

6.  Conditioner(s)

( I like to put at least two seperate types of conditioners)


Get a bowl you won’t miss to prepare the above concoction. I’m not really strict when it comes to measuring each ingredient. I believe it would be best to do as you desire. Personally, I only use a dash of cinnamon, and between two and three squeezes for everything else.

I start out with the conditioners. My concoctions usually vary in conditioners as I run through them like water. Pick two conditioners you know you hair likes. One could be a keratain conditioner while the other is for color treated hair. It would be best not to change up your products too much with this to ensure you can measure accurately how the concoction works on your hair.  The conditioners are the base of your mixture so you will need to make sure you put enough conditioner.  Once the conditioners are complete, move on to the mayonaise and egg.

The mayonaise and egg ended up being added to my mixture from when I used to do protein treatments. Over time, I’ve ended up combining the protein treatment and my weekly deep conditioner to make my concoction. Mayonoise and egg strengthen your hair which is especially needed in the cold. I live in Buffalo so this is a necessity for my hair. Due to the egg, avoid washing your hair out in hot water. This will cook the egg and leave your hair looking like a very healthy SCRAMBLED egg 🙂 Haha so try to do cold water. Since I hate cold water, I try to make it luke warm at best.

Next, I add the extra olive virgin oil. Usually I add about two oils. My favorite is Jamaican Castor Oil but unfortunately I didn’t have it this time around. As you can see, there aren’t any strict guidelines to this mixture. Feel free to add or subtract to your heart’s desire. Everyone’s hair is different so you will need to alter the ingredients to your hair needs.

Lastly, I add the honey and cinnamon. Honey is definitely your friend!  It helps soften and condition your hair. I even use Honey in my face masks. Cinnamon is good for your scalp. Apparently, it helps promote hair growth.


After adding all of these ingredients, you mix it all together and put it in your hair 🙂 I like to do it the way I use to do my relaxers. I split my hair in four ponytails and tackle each one by one. You can detangle your hair during this point of when you are washing the mixture out. It is up to you. I would suggest you read up on it and chose yourself. After the mix is in my hair, I wrap a plastic around it. This helps the mixture to set into your hair. It’s similar to if you would have went under the dryer with a deep conditioner. I try to the leave the mixture in as long as I can depending on my routine that day.  Let’s say I am doing laundry, I will leave it in for the hours I am doing laundry. The same goes if I am cleaning. I would suggest you do this treatment once a week. Healthy hair requires consitent deep conditioning. Trust me, your hair will thank you for it 🙂


Well that’s about it for my weekly deep condition/protein treatment. From there, I resume my normal hair routine to prepare it for the week. Trust me, I know it may look more like something you’re cooking than a hair treatment. But it surely does work and has helped my hair alot especially with the color and breakage I’ve started to experience.Go try it and let me know the results! I would love to know how you hair responded to the mixture!


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